Getting into habit.

As I woke up today, with the happily screaming baby on my side (I have deduced that there are two types of baby-crys – happy, or sad) I had an epiphany. I already know what I want to do every day. Why don’t I make it a habit?

All I need to do is divide the time in 3 parts – Me, Family, Work. The usual equation would be to have Me time for proper me time and sleep, family should have both kid, chores, wife, and rest.. and work is pretty much self explanatory. within 24 hours if I give 8 hours of Me time (7 hours sleep 1 hour ME) and the rest 16 hours – 8 hours work and 8 hours here at family I believe that should help me get back to business.

Time management. Let’s embark on the journey.

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