Advanced Warfare – Review

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Advanced warfare is just like your new girlfriend Рgets you in, you are happy with the new bits for a while, and then suddenly you get bored of what you loved at first.

To start off so you can see where I am coming from, I have placed every Call of Duty since Modern Warfare 2, and I generally reach either the top prestige possible to very close to it. This gives me a great ability to judge this game at is full potential, and I must say there is almost no potential here. Now, let me explain, this Call of Duty like the last four, going all the back to the first Black Ops, starting off with some issues in terms of lag and what not. Something not to worry about at first, but now it has been out for a month and I have not seen a single change, nothing to correct it. Instead, I find myself, in more and more hacked matches, where literally the match starts and someone calls in a bombing run, and does it non-stop until the game crashes or everyone on the other team leaves. This also brings me to the second issue with this game, the lag, it is probably the worst I encountered of all the CoDs, no only does it have a time delay, if you are lucky, it also has the tendency to freeze mid game. Now, since then I have looked this up and found that it is all a result of the hosting, that being one person in the lobby is the host, and depending on how far you are, and their connection, you can either have a great game or a terrible one. In fact, If you are the host, unless you are sniped or shoot in the back, in one on one battles the host will general win, as what happens on their system is what the game takes into effect. This is only multiplied by the extremely small maps, and low health levels, literally meaning the host can kill you and do it again for the game gives you control of your character.

All in all to sum it up, this continues Call of Duty’s long decline in terms of Multiplayer, now every once in awhile you will find a Gem like Black Ops, but this horrible designed ones in-between make it hardly worth the risk to pre-order let alone purchase the DLCs. So, with that all being said, I would say there is a small hope for CoD with Treyarch, but I would not pre-order it, instead I would rent it, check the reviews, etc. instead of pre-ordering it or buying it outright.

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