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If you're here, you already know that! Here's what you don't know about me.

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Work Timeline

A quick glimpse of what I have done over the years


Freelancer Webdesigner

I started my career in digital as a freelance webdesigner, as most of us do. My first website client helped me remember why I do this on a daily basis. I love my work still. And that client, too. The website isn't active anymore though.


Dabbling in creating a company

I started a company called The Professionals Networks Ltd in Bangladesh, TPNL for short, with 5 of us. I was mostly in charge of the digital sector.


My First ACTUAL Job

I started working for vonsung.com (UK) when I moved to UK in 2007. Again, I would be in charge of creating creatives and go digital although they used to do branding and I'm responsible for quite a few in there!

2009 - 2010

Working for Apple

Started working for Apple as a creative. Not much to discuss on that, apart from the height of my career where I got to speak to Steve Jobs for about 4 minutes in total. 

2010 - 2011

Failed in Business

Started badmenStudios (name kinda reflects on why it failed, too) where I would code games for iOS. I had 300,000 downloads on one of my games within the first week - fly baby fly.

2011 - 2012

Started Easy 3 Solutions

Yet another business that didn't quite fail per se but there's a story to it, too. Kinda like reservoir dogs - money, betrayal - it's all there. Some day, worthy of a screenplay. Honestly, it is.


Started GIC

Finally after stumbling about for quite a bit, started something that made sense. Was in charge of increasing client queries and it worked.

We have quite a fair bit of followers, working with governments directly and well - we can find out more at www.gicbd.com - although the site can be a lot better I tell you. 


Started Purple Algorithm

While GIC was doing well, thought of starting something else too - in comes purplealgorithm.com a company when initially started should/would have disrupted the ecosystem of online sales in Bangladesh.

We ended up disrupting distribution of cosmetics in Bangladesh. 

Story for another day but all in all not a bad one. As long as it makes an impact, that's good, right?


Funnel Experts

When ideation happened, it was supposed to be for the companies we're currently owning. I'm terrible at naming companies as well - but we've basically worked on our own marketing with a team. Basically what I do, multiplied by quite a bit.



... <insert_story_here>

How could I work

I have reduced my actual workload for my companies to about 1 - 2 days a week. I mostly now look into reports and create funnels for the companies and create processes through which conversions would happen. After that, honestly, I don't have much to do. However, I do need to get busy. Which is why currently I'm thinking of creating a vape company in Australia (something that I like, of course) or may be a tea company. Or may be get on the amazon bandwagon. Let's see.

But with that I'll need to spend what I call a "semester-fee". With each companies I started I found out that I needed to spend some money to figure out what to do. I'm not sure if I wanna do it here, too. Probably will end up doing it anyway but what if there's a better way?

My expertise is in understanding the right target group - for the things that I do. Although I am pretty good at coding, ensuring that the business doesn't spend too much on their day to day by using specific tactics (like emails - why will you pay mailchimp if you can do it yourself? I don't. Neither do I pay whatsapp for texting thousands) and creating actionable leads. 

I'll be honest. I'm looking to get part-time work (about 3 days a week - 20 to 24 hours) and looking at an overall 10 - 12k monthly. No, let me rephrase that. I do not want a contract for it. 

If you have facebook/instagram marketing needs, clients that are too extreme for you to handle, or if you're saying no to your clients because you've got just way too much work - I'm here to take the burden off you.And I'm more than happy to work on a project basis with you - no contract, nothing required. If you've got a project that you feel is right for someone like me (of course after speaking to me in great details!) I can be the guy who you outsource it to.

The average cost of creating a funnel, or such is roughly 7500 AUD as per my research - I am more than happy to help a client out with 1000 AUD a month/company. For that, I'll generally spend 3 - 4 hours a week on the company's marketing and understand what works and what didn't. This extends to you as well - I don't necessarily need ONE client for that, you could be my client! That way, if I have 10 clients, that pretty much helps me get to my goal. 

What I can do:
1. Create a website for the client
2. Setup Pixels for tracking individual views.
3. Create campaign retargetting the individuals.
4. Expand on their current client base.
5. Install email marketing tools necessary to automate the process.
6. Ensure a better ROI on facebook/instagram adverts over time.

And since I've been doing this for my own companies for a while I'm pretty well-versed in it. My current lead generations are at 0.12 and ROI is at more than 500% but then again that's for countries in South East Asia so not perhaps comparable. And let's be fair - what I've mentioned isn't really all that much, but if you're reading through it now - I must have done something right for you to drag at least once, click at least once, and spend about 5 minutes to go through it all.

What would your clients do to have the same attention from their customers?

My Contacts


67 Christie Street, St. Leonards, 2065



Working Hours:

Monday till Wednesday - 10 am till 4 pm

What I can Do

Here's a quick look at my expertise

Graphics Design / Photo manipulations


Website Design/Application deployment


Facebook / Instagram Marketing, Flow Generation


Work to ensure that the client is happy