Kamran Sarkar

Currently working with Education, Immigration, Cosmetics & Distribution. Always open for a new idea - definitely looking into health sector and if possible a free platform for education for South East Asia Region.

Oh, restaurants are a thing too. Just saying.

Let me know if you feel our sights are aligned.

Why Choose Us

Right people. Right mindset.

I feel we have accomplished a few things based on the fact that we are surrounded by the right individuals. I personally can vouch for my partners who has been a friend first, and partner later. I can also vouch for individuals who have been working with us - each working towards the same focus and dream that we have as a company. Our core principles can be summarized below


Try and Try and Never Give up

Something that my daughter says which I'm not sure how she got in her head - but we've built on this specific way. We try, and try, and don't give up. Which is why everything that we have done so far, worked. Took time, sure, some more than the others, some are still not there, but we've not given up.


We Are Always Improving

Studying is a core part of our work. We believe in increasing our resources and knowledge on a regular basis to ensure that we are a. updated with the current trends b. Can change according to the market needs.                                  


We Are Passionate

Simply put, we live and breathe our work - to a certain extent we've let it define us too. That passion, along with the consistency and improvement has led us to be market leaders in specific categories. We aren't there yet, but we will. 

If you have a project that you feel can benefit from a team as such - feel free to give us a shout.

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